What is a “Greg Arney”?

Trained Musician: expert guitar player, sought-after teacher, and composer. Produced music for popular television and video games.

Self-taught Hacker: wrote software to sort Chinese texts by difficulty; built dynamic online guitar learning software from scratch, and created processes to automate the migration of files to cloud-based CDN.

Hopeful Entrepreneur: created a successful business while still in college, and then helped several others to build their own. (Testimonials available!)

Multilingual: speaks English (native) and Chinese (near the HSK4 proficiency level). Hopes to learn Spanish next.

Novice Adventurer: Jumped out of a plane, flew in a Hang Glider, rode elephants in Thailand, explored ancient ruins in Angkor Wat.

Tireless Author: Wrote a 5-part guitar instruction series. Self-published over a dozen books.

A short bio

When Greg was 10, his father attempted to teach him guitar: "If you start playing now, one day people will love you."

He decided he didn't want the admiration of strangers, and that he didn't want to play. It would be nearly a decade before he was to reconsider.

In his teens, Greg struggled with depression. He dropped out of high school and devoted his time to being sad. During one of his lowest moments, he discovered a desire to shape the world instead of being shaped by it. Though his depression continued for some years, he was able to begin a series of experiments in personal growth that would eventually change his course permanently.

One such experiment led Greg, then 17, to discover his father's guitar, which had patiently waited for his return. Recalling the uplifting feeling of listening to a favorite song, he played the first three notes of that song on an old guitar discovered in the attic, and a musician was born.

Overjoyed at this discovery, he announced to anyone that would listen that he would be an exceptional musician, and that he would go to Berklee. He began preparing constantly, to apply to Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Two years later, the letter came. The letter offered him a chance to begin a life meeting his own high expectations of himself. During his time at Berklee, Greg studied with world-class musicians. 14-hour days became effortless, fueled by unlimited enthusiasm. He graduated in 2011.

Beginning in his third year at Berklee, Greg launched his career as a professional musician, creating a school of guitar in Boston, just steps from his alma mater. He wrote a 5-volume guitar method book.

In 2014, Greg disposed of his belongings and left everything behind to the world, living the life of his dreams, and working on his laptop, which he used to build a new learning website called Hub Guitar.

Greg lives in New England with his wife, Olivia.

Photo gallery

Photo by Michelle Jung Sitting at the beautiful Christian Science Center in Boston. Impromptu street photo shoot. Impromptu photo #2 Michelle Jung photography #1 Michelle Jung photography #2 Skydiving in Danielson, Connecticut Hang gliding in Claremont, New Hampshire

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